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Full-Service Postpartum Care

The care you want, and the support you deserve, all in one provider!

Mother Baby Bonding

Lactation Services

If you are a mom dealing with sore or damaged nipples, having difficulty getting baby to latch or stay latched at the breast, or have a baby that is struggling to get back to their birth weight, then The Hearth Mother is ready to help!

The Hearth Mother offers in-home consultations so you don't need to worry about transporting yourself and your newborn for lactation support!  You stay in the comfort of home to learn breastfeeding where you can both rest and recover, using the tools that you have available.  Using The Hearth Mother, Lactation Services, also means you can depend on 1-on-1 care from the same provider at every consult, every session includes a personalized care plan that reviews anything we discussed as well as a HIPPA compliant private messaging platform for those questions that might come to mind afterwards, and your spouse or other support person is always welcome to attend.  Booking a session is convenient and can be done online, anytime, and most appointments can be scheduled promptly to give you the care you need, when you need it!  Most importantly, your questions and concerns will always be heard and we will work together to give you and your baby, the best support!

Be sure to look over my products and packages and reserve the care you and your baby deserve!

Feeding Assessment

Pumping Consultation

30-Minute Phone/Video Consult

60-Minute Phone/Video Consult

Postpartum Lactation Package

Return To Work Package

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Postpartum Doula Services

Sometimes birth and postpartum don't turn out the way we expected!  To add to an already complex transition, it is not uncommon for mothers to have 6-8 weeks before their first postpartum doctors visit!  If your labor and delivery were less than ideal, or your postpartum recovery is taking more time and energy than you were planning, The Hearth Mother can help you get back on track to feeling like yourself again!

Even the best delivery experience can leave moms feeling unheard, or unseen, and every new baby means a lot of adjustments at home and in the family dynamics.  As your postpartum doula I will help you heal physically and emotionally by caring for you, so that you can focus on your baby.

Some of the ways postpartum doulas can help are:

  • Care for baby (diaper changes, baths, soothing, and tummy time, bottle preparation, umbilical care)

  • Care for mom (physical and emotional support after delivery, ensuring time for rest and recovery)

  • Care for family (light meal preparations, help tending to older children, laundry, tidying up around the home)

Much like a birth doula helps to guide you through the transitions of labor, delivery, and the early postpartum time, as a postpartum doula, I help you and your family navigate the transitions of having a new baby at home!  I invite you to look over my postpartum services and reserve your time even before baby arrives!

Postpartum Doula

Newborn/Infant Care Specialist

Support Groups

Breastfeeding & Motherhood Support Group

Sometimes breastfeeding and motherhood are overwhelming, and you just need to be somewhere with other women that you can relate to!  Address the changes you are going through and come up with workable answers for how to deal with them. The Hearth Mother Fireside Chat is the one place you don’t have to pretend to be holding it all together.  This is a casual online gathering with forum style discussion.  Please check the page for our next session!

This is free to attend and you can come and go as you need to!

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